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At The Rug Butler we believe that every rug is special and unique.

And therefore what's right for one rug may not be best for another.

Which means that the price to properly clean your rug will depend on lots of factors, like:

  • How big is your rug?
  • Is it Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, Afghan, Persian, Kilims, Chinese, Silk or a different type altogether?
  • How old is it?
  • How much restorative work is needed?
  • How quickly do you need it back?

So to get a fixed price quote for us to come and collect and clean your rug you need to either:

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Why So Affordable?

A lot of our customers are surprised at how affordable the Rug Butler service is. There are two main reasons for this:

  • We're specialists don't forget – so cleaning rugs is all that we do.
  • That means we're very efficient at it.
  • We also have the most modern equipment in the country – we're way more advanced than your local carpet cleaner who does a few rugs on the side, say – which means we can do a better job for a lower price
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